Happy Diwali Wishes Message in English 2022 for Friends Family

Here in this article you’ll get Happy Diwali Wishes Message in English for your friends, family, loved ones and for Deepavali Cards. Diwali festival gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness. While Diwali is popularly known as the “festival of lights”, the most significant spiritual meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”. During Diwali, people open their doors and windows and light lamps to invite Lakshmi in and decorate their houses, offices, shops, buildings with light lamps, candles & diyas. Wish this festive season to your dear ones with our best collection of Happy Deepavali Wishes in English, Happy Diwali Messages for Diwali Wishes Greeting Cards, Best Wishes For Diwali 2022 Cute Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes, Blessing Wishes Of Diwali, Best Deepavali Wishes in English for lovers and many more. Happy & Safe Diwali 2022  🙂

Beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes Message for Friends & Family Members

Happy Diwali Wishes
Beautiful Happy Diwali Wishes Image for Diwali Greeting Card of Goddess Laxmi Ji


1) Happy Diwali Wishes Sms in English

On this auspicious
Festival of lights
May the glow of joys
Prosperity and happiness
Illuminate your days
In the year ahead



2) Happy Diwali Greeting Wishes

Sun glows for a day;
Candle for an hour;
Matchstick for a minute;
But a wish glows forever.
Here is my wish for a….
Glowing Diwali and glowing life!

Happy Diwali

3) Happy Diwali Best Wishes

Delightful laddos
Incandescent diyas
Whole lot of fun
A big stock of masti
Lots of mithai
Innemurable fireworks
Wishing you the best bargain
on fun n lots of sale-e-bration.

Have an Enjoyable Diwali!


4) Happy Diwali Wishes Greeting Cards

May the joy, cheer,
Mirth and merriment
Of this divine festival
Surround you forever.
May the happiness,
That this season brings
Brighten your life
And, hope the year
Brings you luck and
Fulfills all your dearest dreams!

Happy Deepavali 2022


5) Blessing Wishes For Diwali

I pray to Goddess Lakshmi
To bring more Peace, Prosperity,
Contentment, Happiness,
Wealth, and Health in your life.


6) Happy Diwali Good Wishes

Light a lamp of love!
Blast a chain of sorrow!
Shoot a rocket of prosperity!
Fire a flowerpot of happiness!
Wish u and your family..


7) Happy Diwali Wishes For Friends

It’s the “Festival of Lights” today,
It’s again the day of Diwali,
It’s time to dress up folks,
It’s time to adorn the thali.
Wish You Very Happy Diwali


8) Happy Diwali Sms Wishes

May this Diwali Light up
New dreams, Fresh hopes,
Undiscovered avenues,
Different perspectives,
Everything bright & beautiful
And fill you days with pleasant
Surprises and moments.

Happy Deepavali 2022


9) Happy Diwali Best Wishes Quotes

May the holy trinity of
Shiv, Vishnu and Brahma
Bless your and your family and
Laxmi fill your home with love,
Peace and prosperity!

Wish you a very Happy Diwali!


10) Wishes For Diwali in English

Troubles as light as Air,
Love as deep as Ocean,
Friends as Solid as Diamonds,
And Success as bright as Gold…
These are the wishes
For you and your family on Diwali


Diwali Wishes in English
Wish You Happy Deepavali Greeting Card for friends & Family


11) Happy Diwali Wishes Sms English

Paying respects to the gods,
And decorating for them the Thali,
This is what the occasion is all about,
This is the spirit of Deepavali…

Happy Deepavali 2022


12) Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes English

Light For Ur Bright-ful Future;
Cracker For Ur Demolish Of Ur Failure;
Rangoli For Ur Colorful Life;

Happy Diwali 2022


13) Happy Diwali Wishes Message in English

With gleam of Diyas
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life
Wishing You & Your Family
Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!


14) Happy Diwali Wishes Messages

The gorgeous festival of snacks and sweets
Everyone enjoying a royal feast
When old and young with delight meet
And with love and affection do all hearts beat.

Wishing You Happy Diwali


15) SMS For Diwali Wishes

Diwali is the day to light the diyas,
Ignite the rockets and burst crackers,
But it’s also the time to be safe,
From the fireworks and all the sparklers.

Happy Diwali 2022


16) Wishes On Diwali

On Diwali, wishes for every joy and prosperity.
Here’s hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights,
Bring a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you,
To last the whole year through. Happy Diwali.


17) Happy Diwali Quotes Wishes

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your Life
Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
Happy Diwali


18) Happy Diwali Wishes Sms

When you can make someone else smile
When you can be someone’s ally
That’s when you can yourself be glad
That’s when you’ll have a happy Diwali!


19) Best Wishes For Diwali Greetings

Open your doors to the footsteps of Lakshmi,
Open your mind to the wisdom of Ganesha
And open your inbox for the wishes from a friend.
Sending you loads of hugs and goodwill.
A very happy and memorable Diwali to you all!

Happy Diwali 2022


20) Message For Diwali Wishes

It’s the occasion to throng the temples,
Pray to the gods and give them offerings,
It’s an opportunity to entreat the deities,
To bless us all and rid us of sufferings


21) Happy Diwali Wishes To Customers

As you celebrate this holy occasion,
You are wished the brightest moments that Diwali can bring,
Lots of love and laughter to fill your days with cheer and a
New year that is sure to bring you, the best of everything.

Happy Deepavali 2022


22) Happy Diwali Greetings

May the beauty of Deepavali season
Fill your home with happiness,
And may the coming year,
Provide you with all that brings you joy!



23) Best Wishes for Diwali

Dear all, Wish u and your family
a very happy diwali & prosperous new year.
May God fulfill all your wishes in wealth,
health & happiness in your life


24) Happy Diwali Best Wishes

A warm Diwali wish for every happiness
May the warmth and splendor
That are a part of this auspicious occasion
Fill your life with happiness and bright cheer
And bring to you joy and prosperity for the whole year


25) Blessing Diwali Wishes

May goddess Laxmi bless you
with a wealth of love,
May god Ganesha bless you
with food to give,
May Goddess Saraswati blesses you
with knowledge Happy Diwali!


26) Happy Diwali Wishes in English

May This Diwali Come Up With Beautiful Beginnings
Fresh Hopes, Bright Days, New Dreams
And Your Days Filled With Cheerful Moments
And Pleasant Surprises
Wishing you a Happy Diwali…!!


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